Video Remastering powered by Artificial Intelligence.

Betta Pixels

Remaster, clean, and increase the definition of your videos and bring them back to live

Who are we?

Our Mision

We are StartUp accelerated by Impulsa Visión from RTVE. We can convert your Standard Definition videos to Ultra High Definition using state of the art Deep Learning Super-Resolution algorithms. We do our processing in the cloud and on demmand, radically reducing the costs in infrastructure and computing power.

Super-definition demo videos. Images provided by RTVE.

Super Definition

We use advance Deep Learning algorithms to estimate detail in the frames, so you can improve the detail and quality of your videos.

An example of our remastering process. Images provided by RTVE.


We are able to improve the quality of the video reducing noise, deinterlazing, scratches and other artifacts. Our flexible pipeline allows to deal with many different artifacts.

Want to know more?


We keep improving our algorithms and technology. We are working on an exposing them as an API so you can integrate it with your current tools. Try our current betta version and let us know what you think.

Join us

We are looking for industry partners and talenteted people to join us in our mission.


Francho Melendez, Ph.D.

Computer Vision and computer graphics engineer and scientist.


Jason Omedes, Ph.D.

Data scientist and electronics engineer.

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